July 16, 2014

farm the city

the farm lot summer market party1

Did you know that the average food item sold in Toronto has traveled nearly 4,500 km or that the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) sits on the best farmland in Canada yet Ontario imports $4.8 billion more in food than it exports?

Man I had no clue, but was quickly brought up to speed at last night’s second annual The Farm Lot summer party, hosted by The Detox Market, Fresh City Farms , Berryfresh Fruit Co. and TAS.

the farm lot summer market party3

Situated beside The Detox Market at 369 King St West, and making good use of a previously under-utilized space, The Farm Lot is an urban garden, creating awareness about the potential for city grown food.

After browsing through the market, and purchasing a box of my favourite cookies from Shockingly Healthy, I popped into The Detox Market, because well why not visit one of my favourite beauty stores while I’m right there, and discovered a couple of cute new local brands like Sudsatorium 

the farm lot summer market party4

… and Inspired Soap Works that was recently featured in Canadian Living as a brand that you need to have on your radar. Ok Canadian Living my curiosity has officially been piqued.

the farm lot summer market party5

If you’re around the downtown core this summer I highly recommend stopping by! The Farm Lot is open this summer on Monday-Friday from 8am – 7pm and Saturday-Sunday, from 10am – 6pm.

  • Margie

    No reason not to buy local with this treasure right in downtown Toronto!!