October 29, 2013

fall skin care routine

life in blush's fall skin care routine

Earlier this month I noticed my face looked a little dull and congested; it was as if my skin had woken up one morning and realized it was no longer summer.

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It was not happy. I looked in the mirror with horror over the pimples that had sprouted on my face and neck (seriously??) in bitter retaliation.

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But rather than give in to the panic I made a few adjustments to my skincare routine to help prepare it for the onslaught of winter…and the gawd awful dry office heat.

fall skin care: night time lineup

step 1: (province apothecary) moisturizing cleanser + makeup remover –  free of fillers, pesticides, synthetic chemicals, fragrances, GMO’s and animal testing, this cleanser contains oils – like certified organic sunflower seed and raspberry seed – that are anti-inflammatory and work to help the skin maintain its own health and moisture. Essential oils of bergamot, lavender, and frankincense provide an antibacterial, cell-regenerative and mind-calming addition to an already lovely product.

step 2: (may lindstrom) the clean dirt –  after cleansing with the facial oil I then exfoliate with may’s “magic dust” to get rid of the dead skin cells that, due to our heated homes and offices, have a harder time turning over. Spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and tumeric help stimulate circulation, while the rhassoul (arabic for ‘washing’) clay absorbs impurities from the skin, unblocks pores, reduces dryness and improves skin clarity and elasticity (click here for my full review).

step 3: (province apothecary) bespoke serum –  as my final step I apply a rich serum, high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory oils, that hydrates the skin at a cellular level. My particular blend contains avocado, pumpkin seed, camellia, pomegranate and carrot root oils and essential oils of organic lavender and wild crafted neroli, rose, frankincense and patchouli.

fall skin care: morning lineup

step 1: (dr. sponge) original facial cleansing sponge – I don’t believe your skin gets dirty overnight so in the morning I splash my face with some warm water and give it a quick buff with this cleansing sponge. Made from the konjac plant, that is alkaline by nature, it balances the acidity and oil in the skin, and actually does give it a soft feel. This product was given to me to sample, and while I do think it’s lovely, I don’t find it necessary for my skin – more of a ‘nice to have’. There are however many options available, including charcoal which is awesome to combat acne-prone skin, so if you’re thinking about testing it out I would say go for it. The price point and quality make it worthwhile.

step 2: (la bella figura) modern radiance concentrate – with my face still damp I lightly massage this vitamin C gel cream, whose claim to fame is the inclusion of the kakadu plum (the world’s highest source of vitamin C), into my face and let it soak in for a couple of minutes while I brush my teeth. This little beauty works to brighten the skin, create an even skin tone, increase elasticity, promote collagen growth and protect/repair the skin from oxidative damage. It’s only been a few weeks of consistent use, but I can definitely notice a brightness to my overall skin tone.

step 3: (la bella figura) barbary fig seed oil OR (province apothecary) bespoke serum – depending on what mood I’m in, I’ll either apply the bespoke serum or one of my all-time favourites, the barbary fig seed oil as a final step before I’m ready to apply a touch of makeup.

fall skin care: weekly treatment

once a week, depending on how my skin is behaving I’ll either apply may lindstrom’s the problem solver, or (not pictured) province apothecary’s brightening + clarifying clay mask. To kick it up a notch I’ll mix the clay mask with full-fat yogurt and a little bit of avocado to really deliver the hydration my skin craves.

On the days where my skin is feeling really congested, and it’s acting out like a bad kid (i.e. pimples) the problem solver suddenly becomes my new best friend.  Infused with raw cacao, bamboo charcoal, rhassoul clay and stimulating spices – like turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove – it works to purify, fight inflammation and blemishes and tighten pores.

In the coming weeks I’ll be adding a face balm, like this one, to my routine in order to increase my skin’s defense against the harsh winter winds. Man, I feel so prepared for winter bullsh*t this year.

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  • beautycalypse

    big thumbs up to the very comprehensive rooutine breakdown; and especially to your morning line up. I’m with you on that 100%, there is absolutely no need to lather the face like mad in the morning 😉

    • amen to that! 🙂

  • asti

    Your product choices are stellar! Winter is my favorite season especially for skin care routine because I love being able to layer products to combat my dry skin :p haha.

    I’ve been meaning to try Province Apothecary! They’re now available to me through Urban Outfitters, maybe you can recommend me some products to try? 🙂

    • ooooh you can’t go wrong with any of it, but I would definitely dip my toe into the province apothecary pool with their cleanser+makeup remover. If you’re feeling flush with cash I would get the serum as well! 🙂

  • Tara Miller

    Perfect timing for this post Sonja! I too have noticed a recent change in my skin and have had to make similar adjustments. I am with you on Province Apothecary’s cleanser and makeup remover… and apparently so are a lot people as it is one of our best sellers right now!
    Thanks for the tips!

    • I’m not surprised! Makeup just slides off your face and your skin is left feeling so soft and hydrated 🙂

  • Ingrid Doucet

    Love this routine Sonja!!
    I want to try your tip of using a clay mask with avocado..
    The Barbary Fig Seed Oil is so gorgeous and great for sensitive skin as well!!
    Thanks so much,

    • thanks Ingrid! I really do love mixing avocado into any dry mask – it’s so rich and hydrating, and my skin is always so happy with me afterwards 🙂 Thanks for reading and saying hello!

  • Katie – The Green Product Junkie

    Uhm…first off, your choices are stellar…the best of the best. Second, can you please hook me up with the guy giving the thumbs up in the last gif? Thank you. He can move in effective immediately.

  • Margie

    Love this very thorough and complete ‘ how to prepare your skin for winter’. It can all be achieved without the inclusion of synthetic chemicals in any of the skin care products. WIN WIN!

    • definite win-win 😀