July 29, 2013

expert beauty tips

expert beauty tips

When I decided to make the switch to green beauty products I was pretty impressed with just how many smart and talented women there were leading the charge; here are some of my favourite beauty and life tips that I’ve learned from them along the way:

  1. Create lush eyebrows and eyelashes by applying a sacha inchi  and barbary fig seed oil mixture before bed (Victoria, La Bella Figura)
  2. ‘Double cleanse’ to remove water and oil based dirt (Suzanne, One Love Organics)
  3. Nature provides us the best ingredients to care for our bodies (Lina, Lina Hanson)
  4. A ripple effect will change our world (May, May Lindstrom)
  5. Use your fingers to apply makeup for a natural & clean look (Josie, Josie Maran)
  6. Women deserve to put the best ingredients on their skin that the body actually resonates with, not something it’s trying to fight. (Kirsten, Kjaer Weis)


  • Sarita Rosenhaus Coren

    Beautiful compilation of advice from women who are changing the face of beauty one precious drop at a time. Lovely and inspiring post!

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself Sarita! Thanks so much for reading my post and leaving a comment 🙂

      xo Sonja

  • Margie

    How lucky we are to finally have access to personal care products that we can trust. Great amount of information on each beauty tip. Great job!!