April 29, 2014

{event} leaves of trees store opening

Leaves of Trees Event Gift Bag

Hello blushers! Last night I went to a media event hosted by Leaves of Trees for a sneak peak at their Toronto flagship store, officially opening this Thursday, and to learn more about this artisan brand -handmade and packaged on site.

Leaves of Trees is the brainchild of chemical engineer, textile designer and medical doctor Roohi Quereshi who started out making soaps and lip balms for her own use.

Leaves of Trees_Soap

Her line of soaps soon expanded to include luxe options like ‘shea silk’, infused with real threads of silk, and ‘charcoal anise’, which is perfect for those looking for an antibacterial soap.

As you know, lip balm creation is a favourite pastime of mine so I had to take a blissful moment to nerd out after seeing her wonderful blends, like rose cardamon that was inspired by a popular Indian dessert!

Leaves of Trees Lip Balms

After mastering balms and soaps Roohi set her sights on argan oil, sourcing an eco-certified and unrefined option from a woman’s co-operative in Morocco. Argan oil, extracted from nuts of the argan tree and touted as ‘liquid gold’, is truly a multi-purpose antioxidant oil. It can be used on the face and body, as a hair treatment (massage into the scalp for 30 mins before washing), a hair balm (rub a few drops onto towel-dried hair) and even as a culinary oil.

Leaves of Trees Argan OilOther treats in Roohi’s exquisitely crafted line of natural skincare products include a cream deodorant, that Sasha of Lainey Gossip is fangirling over (click here for her review);

Leaves of Trees Deodorant

a newly launched ‘Pink Grapefruit’ collection that includes a lip balm, body scrub and lotion;

Leaves of Trees Pink Grapefruit Collection

body scrubs made of 60% argan oil;

Leaves of Trees Body Scrubs

eucalyptus shaving soap for both men and women;

Leaves of Trees Shaving Soap

Turkish towels imported directly from Turkey;

Leaves of Trees Turkish Towels

personalized soaps and skincare -perfect for weddings, baby showers or any type of party! (I’m seriously considering getting some made up for my birthday.)

Leaves of Trees Customized Soap

And that’s just the beginning. Roohi is planning to launch an oil-based cleanser, laundry soap, candles, a baby line, a vegan shaving brush and holiday gift sets – and that’s all this year! I guess sleep is optional right now??

Leaves of Trees Product Display

Leaves of Trees is absolutely a brand you don’t have to question whether or not you’re falling into the green-washed trap. All-natural, free of palm-oil, minimal packaging, and the packaging is reusable and/or recyclable. Roohi is also introducing a recycling program at the end of May – bring back your glass bottle for a 25% discount!

So blushers, if you’re in Toronto get your cute little behinds over to 177 Queen Street on May 1st to experience this brand for yourself!

Leaves of Trees Storefront

If you’re not in the area you can also order Roohi’s product directly from her site (click here), or from one of my favourite online green beauty retailers, the Health Hut Boutique (click here).

  • leavesoftrees

    Thanks Sonja! I just wanted to clarify that I used to screen print all the labels by hand but now I have them professionally printed.

    • lifeinblush

      thanks for letting me know Roohi! I’ll update my post 🙂 xx

  • What a lovely, rustic-looking shop. My kind of store! Did you have any favorite scents? Products you can’t wait to try? The lip balm flavors sound enticingly elegant.

    • lifeinblush

      hey sarita! my favourite scent right now is any product of hers that has neroli in it! But the new pink grapefruit collection is quite refreshing and would be an awesome addition to any morning routine. Lip balms are so unique indeed! The rose cardamom is so different – love it!

  • ooh..never heard of them! sounds awesome…thanks for the share!

    • lifeinblush

      anytime lady! xx

  • Margie

    What a great review of this newest “must visit” store that has so many enticing green products. Those gorgeous photos alone make me want to shop!!

    • lifeinblush

      it’s hard NOT to want to shop! so many choice now that you really have to strategize haha

  • Mademoiselle nature

    Looking super nice! x