November 13, 2013

{event} josh rosebrook hydrating accelerator


Last night I attended the HUSK Josh Rosebrook Skin and Hair Care event that celebrated the man behind the brand, his line, and the latest addition to his product family – the Hydrating Accelerator. Josh had been hinting about a new release on his social media platforms with teasers such as this one…

josh rosebrook facebook2

…and I have to admit I was purty stoked to find out I guessed right.




To me, it made complete sense as the next item to beautifully compliment his existing cleanser, exfoliator and serum. Facial mists are often an overlooked step in the skin care regime, but are needed to release the surface tension of your skin, thereby allowing the rich, nutrients of your serum and moisturizer to feed the cells on a much deeper level.

Talking with Josh about our shared fanatical love for clean eating and organic beauty products made me nerdy with excitement because we were on the same page about so many aspects of green beauty and the green beauty industry.

If you’ve ever had the chance to speak with Josh, or connect with him via social media, then you’ll completely understand me when I say that your first reaction upon meeting him is to want to give him a big hug.  He is such beautiful person, both inside and out, (seriously guys, his skin is so dewy and gorgeous that I had to mentally remind myself to stop staring), and his warm, caring mannerisms immediately put you at ease, as if you were chatting with a long-time friend. His passion for quality skin and hair care is clearly evident and makes me believe in this brand even more.


Before my beauty chat with Josh, I had to oppotunity to speak with Philippe, his business partner, and grill him about the product. Here are some quick facts to help you get excited for its nation-wide release (where sold) on Black Friday:

  1. it’s packed with amino acids, fatty acids and antibacterials that repair the acid mantle barrier of your skin in order to protect it from blemish-causing bacteria
  2. it contains no synthetics (see below for a full ingredient list)
  3. its base is organic vitamin-infused aloe water which allows the product to enter the skin and become trapped (that’s a good thing!) -and in turn trap the nutrients of your serum, or moisturizer along with it. end result? plump, happy skin that will have people clamouring for your beauty secrets
  4. it can be applied over makeup during the day for blast of freshness, or to cool it down on those muggy summer afternoons (sigh, they seem so far away now)
  5. it contains my favourite carrier oils – almond, grapeseed, sunflower and coconut
  6. note: to get the most out the Hydrating Accelerator it’s important to exfoliate regularly – if you don’t remove the dead skin cells then the product can’t penetrate the skin and do its job.

ingredients: organic vitamin infused aloe water; organic oils of sunflower, coconut, grapeseed and almond; organic herbal infusions of: bilberry, slippery elm, calendula flowers, fennel seed, chickweed, skullcap, neem leaf, ginkgo leaf, hawthorn berry, green tea, marshmallow root, st. john’s wort, and alfalfa; plant vitamins E, A, C and B2; organic vanilla bean extract; organic essential oils of ylang ylang, rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus


See? what did I tell you – the man is gorgeous (and gosh if I don’t love his wavy hair).

I came home from the event eager to wash the day’s dirt off and treat my skin to a spritz of this little beauty. The almond and grapeseed oil aromas were the first ones to hit my nose – it really makes you pause for an extra moment just to enjoy a brief moment of zen those scents can bring (just me? ok).


Josh has taken to calling the green beauty community a ‘tribe’ and I can’t think of a better way to describe us – a group of enthusiasts who are passionate about healthy, clean living and want to spread the word?


  • Garcy

    How fun! You and Josh make a great couple 😉

  • Margie

    Such a fun, thorough review of Josh Rosebrook’s new product. No need to be subjected to the risks of synthetic skin care products when there are green, amazing alternatives to be had like this one.

  • Asti

    I love how supportive our green beauty community is to each and everyone who’s in it! Someday, I would love to meet some of you, it is something that I’m looking forward to. I love reading Josh’s contribution on Facebook because his comments are always so kind, loving, open-minded and thoughtful. I am also smitten looking at his wavy hair and his impeccable looking skin which btw, your skin looks healthy and glowing too!! Both of you just radiate! 🙂

    Need to try his products!!

    • as would I! And one could say the same about you Asti – you have this incredible energy, joy and love that emanates through every post you write and comment you make. I really hope we can connect one day 🙂

      one of the reason’s why I was so looking forward to meeting Josh was exactly because of how he interacts with us on facebook. His unique personality really came through in person and I felt incredibly special that he spent so much time talking with me when he had a room full of people to network with.

      i started off with his shampoo, now I’m on to the accelerator and next I’m going to try his cacao mask – so far so good! Would definitely recommend you sample it for yourself 🙂

      hope you’re having a great day lady!