August 28, 2013

european beauty secrets

european beauty secrets

The first thing I tend to notice when I meet someone new is their skin and how they’ve done their make-up. Now, that may sound like I’m a super judgy person, but it’s actually because I’m completely fascinated with other people’s beauty routines. My own is constantly evolving so I’m always on the lookout for inspiration!

I met so many wonderful people while travelling in europe, and learned/observed quite a few interesting beauty tips along the way.


  1. spanish women tend to wear very little make-up, most likely to keep their glowing skin at the forefront … I totally attribute their beautiful skin to the heat because in my mind that level of heat has to make you sweat out any and all toxins!
  2. hairstyling means swimming in the ocean and letting the salt water work its magic. There were no complicated hairstyles; women seemed to swim in the ocean, brush their hair and go – my dream!
  3. lastly, and best of all, there is a clear attitude of gratitude towards their body. No judgement. Just acceptance, pride and love.


a lady whom I bought natural soap from let me in on a few secrets of croatian women…

  1. never use commercial products with chemicals
  2. don’t over wash your face and strip it of its natural oils
  3. swim in the ocean and let the sea salt sit on your skin and detoxify it (sea salt absorbs toxins from the skin)


when I asked a lady, who worked at the b&b where I stayed, how she kept her skin in enviable shape she enthusiastically rhymed off the following…

  1. olive oil! not just for bread and cheese, but good for your skin and hair!
  2. no stress. why stress?
  3. love and friends! they make you happy, and happiness gives you happy skin

In short, be in love with your life and yourself; don’t waste time feeling stress when you can be feeling love and happiness; nature has all you need to keep you glowing and beautiful. Love it!


  • Arianne

    I know what you mean about looking at people’s skin and makeup (firstly, eyebrows). It’s just my natural tendency. 🙂

    I love this post! I so need to try that “no stress” idea. Baby steps.

    • haha I love that I’m not the only one! Thanks so much for checking out my blog and saying hello – definitely give the “no stress” thing a try. I’m still clinging to vacation mentality and feel so much happier 🙂

  • Alicia

    This might be my favorite post. “no stress. why stress”. it’s true.

  • Margie

    What a fantastic review of women’s skin from 3 different countries!! Cosmetic giants would not be happy …..