September 27, 2013

emmys 2013: best & worst dressed

Red carpet coverage is my favourite part of any big event – the hair, the gowns, the makeup (although, can we all agree the mani-cam needs to go? No one cares!) – so much to analyze in detail and discuss.

Here are my picks for best and worst dressed of the night (based on hair, makeup and frock):

best dressed: michelle dockery

As the Brits were preparing to watch the season premiere of Downton Abbey, Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) proved once again that she can own the red carpet. Styled in a gorgeous Prada halter (can we talk about how much I love that exaggerated red bow?!) and burgundy skirt, her accessories were kept simple and her bob complemented the overall look perfectly.

michelle dockery

worst dressed: (tie) claire danes and lena dunham

I debated about this category for awhile, as there were too many ‘fire-your-stylist’ dresses showing up, but since I was judging overall look it really came down to these two.

Claire – all I can focus on is how the dress just hangs off of her (when you’re no boobs mcgee you gotta know your limits…just saying), and how that bob makes her look 10 years older.

Lena – always a red carpet mess, I don’t know why someone can’t help her get her sh*t together. One of my least favourite Prada dresses (who needs to feel like their in the Red Queen’s flower garden?), she definitely could have done without the crinoline and the matchy-matchy makeup. And for god’s sake someone tailor the top to fit her boobs!

claire danes and lena dunham

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Thanks for joining me this week, have a great weekend!


  • Alicia

    Loved this review! Award season is here!!!

  • Maria

    I actually really liked claire danes’ look. The short hair initially caused me to confuse her with January Jones, but i liked the 50s vibe she had going on. I also thought the small boobs were precisely what let her get away with the dress and and still look lady-like. Some one like Sofia Vegara in that dress would have looked a little too on display, if you know what i mean.

    • Hi Maria

      While I do like a 50’s vibe, and I am a fan of January Jones’ hair, I find this short bob on Claire not suited to her face shape. She looks so much more youthful with longer hair. The dress is indeed meant for smaller bosoms, but I found that it didn’t do anything for her shape. Her clavicle is too thin to support a dress where the focus goes right to that section. But that’s just my opinion!

      Have a great weekend 🙂

  • Margie

    Great fashion critique. LOVED Michelle’s dress!!! Claire and Lena need a stylist in the worst way ( if not a stylist, then at the very least a mirror/mother/friend that doesn’t lie! )
    Happy Friday 🙂

    • Wasn’t it a great choice?! So polished and perfect – I think Carson would have been proud 😉