September 24, 2013

editor’s picks: emmys inspired pouts

emmy 2013 inspired lip colours

When it comes to red-carpet event events, like this past Sunday’s Emmys, there is usually no shortage of style hits and misses for me to analyze in extreme detail (more on that to come on this week’s Fashion Friday), however makeup for the most part was on par – although Anna Faris should be a lesson on how not to age ourselves with hair and makeup.

The usual themes of nude-to-pink-to-orange-to-red were clearly present because, lets face it, at least ONE of those colours has to look good, but I was happy to see the lip take center stage – the right lip colour can pull together a look better than any blush or mascara, making the woman behind the colour seem so powerful, so confident and so irresistibly beautiful.

Here is my selection of organic lip colours to perfect an Emmys inspired pout:

  1. Bite Beauty ‘musk‘ ($24)
  2. ILIA Beauty ‘peek-a-boo‘ ($24)
  3. Kjaer Weis ‘dream state‘ ($51)
  4. Kjaer Weis ‘goddess‘ ($51)
  5. ILIA Beauty ‘gypsy‘ ($24)
  6. rms beauty ‘rapture‘ ($36)
  7. ILIA Beauty ‘dress you up‘ ($24)
  8. ILIA Beauty ‘love buzz‘ ($24)
  9. Bite Beauty ‘grapevine‘ ($24)
  10. Bite Beauty ‘pomegranate‘ ($24)
  11. ILIA Beauty ‘voila‘ ($24)


  • Garcy

    Love every single one of these!

  • Margie

    A lipstick color for everyone and every occasion. Lovely collection 🙂