April 22, 2014

earth day

lets celebrate the earth today

Happy Earth Day blushers! Being the busy gals and guys that we are it can be easy to forget to honour the earth in our everyday lives, but as the earth freely gives to us the tools that nourish and sustain our life it deserves our attention, non?

Here’s how I plan to celebrate our planet earth today, and every day after:

  1. walkway more – to quote one of my favourite nutrition and health strategist, daniel vitalis, “humans may have been born to run, but we most definitely live to walk.” The benefits of walking are not just for heart-health, but also to keep fluids from accumulating in our legs (a downfall of our sedentary lives) and to help grow our geo-spatial awareness (as we explore the environment around us). 
  2. add candlelight – rather than turning on all the lights in my place at night I’m going to use candles to help lower my footprint on the energy drain. Plus, when I’m writing my blog posts by candlelight I can pretend that I’m Jane Austen.
  3. shop smarter & local – this includes having reusable shopping bags on hand, purchasing products that don’t have an unnecessary amount of plastic wrapping, and buying from local organic farmers – better for the earth and you!
  4. make friends with plants – this spring I plan to fill my home with plants, both flowering, non-flowering to purify the air around me and help a city-girl feel more connected to earth.
  5. enjoy the outdoors! – I spend way to much time working inside so I’m making a promise to myself, starting this spring, to level out the playing field and enjoy the incredible beauty mother nature has given us.
  6. be a nice human – I truly believe that if you’re kind to yourself you will be kind to others. And in turn all that kindness will cause a ripple effect that will spread out to include our earth.

be a nice humanHow do you plan to honour the earth today? Let me know in the comments below!

  • Great post! I’m off to take a walk right now. Happy Earth Day!

    • lifeinblush

      hope you had a wonderful walk! happy earth day to you too!! xx

  • Garcy

    Well you’ve got #6 down already! Great pist Sonja!

    • lifeinblush

      thanks love! :-*

  • Kat

    Great post. I always think of Earth Day about being about all living creatures as well, be nice to all other living creatures, be a nice human 🙂

    • lifeinblush

      completely agree! we are after all mammals, not above any other creature on this earth, but equal.

  • Margie

    As stewards of the earth we need to make every day Earth Day, and your list is a wonderful inspiring way to think about and honour the earth. We can all contribute! Being kind to each other is a great start!

    • lifeinblush

      what a great way to think about ourselves – “stewards of the earth”. love it! xo