June 17, 2013

“e” is for exfoliate

green beauty exfoliators / lifeinblush.com

Our skin is our largest organ, capable of some pretty incredible things, and as such is constantly regenerating itself. Every hour we shed between 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells – neat, but gross huh?! – but not all skin cells float off into the abyss. A lot of them stay, building up into a layer of dead skin that makes it harder for our favourite beauty products to do their job. Exfoliating once a week* is therefore a critical part of your beauty regime, especially in the summer, to purify your pores, get rid of dead skin and stimulate collagen production to reveal brighter, healthier and younger looking skin.

Here’s my list of highly coveted green beauty exfoliants:

  1. osmia organics detox exfoliating mask –  purifying clay and activated bamboo charcoal coaxes toxins out of your skin and it’s dry powder formula means zero preservatives! An added bonus is that it comes with a dish and spatula to make application a snap ($50).
  2. may lindstom the clean dirt – may’s ‘magic dust’ combines cleansing clays, warming spices, healing salts and vitamin C to leave you velvety smooth. It may seem pricey at $60, but other reviewers have reported it lasts quite a long time making the cost-per-use much more acceptable to me. 
  3. one love organics brand new day-microderma scrub & mask – a vacation in a bottle, pineapple enzymes gently polish off dead skin cells. Use as a scrub or mix with Greek yogurt or honey for a soothing mask. ($39)

may lindstrom and one love organics are both available at ecodivabeauty.com (no minimum purchase for free shipping!) and osmia organics can be purchased at osmiaorganics.com.

*Be careful not to over-exfoliate as it can damage healthy skin, accelerate the aging process (repeated damage to healthy skin cells causes them to weaken, making collagen production even more difficult) and cause scarring for those with skin blemishes. How can you tell if you’ve over-done it? Redness, peeling or blistering that lasts more than a day, persistent dry patchiness or skin sensitivity.

  • Alicia

    Great list! Do you know if I can get samples of these anywhere in Toronto?

    • Hey Alicia, unfortunately no stores carry them in Toronto yet. I’ve got my eye out though so I’ll be sure to let you know if I come across any.

  • Suzanne LeRoux

    Hi Sonja,
    This is such great information. Exfoliation is a key step in any routine but it is crucial not to over do it, too. Thank you for reviewing and including our scrub-the enzymes from organic pineapples work hard all by themselves so “scrubbing” is unnecessary.

  • Margie

    As always, thorough informed advice on skin care. Well done! 🙂