September 1, 2014

{diy} wall art

DIY Wall Art_1

It’s September 1st. HOW did it suddenly become September?? I think I need to throw myself down a hole of ignorant bliss for a moment, convince myself it’s still summer, and instead talk you guys about an inexpensive way to decorate your walls with ‘expensive looking’ art.

Since moving into my new condo in May I’ve been slowly transforming it into what my stylist/designer/sparkle generator, Tiffany Pratt, and I have come to call the beach house. This past weekend we worked on getting the ‘frosting’ into place (artwork, plants, etc…) and our first challenge was what to do with a massive white wall that runs from my hallway into the living area. Tiffany had the brilliant idea to create a collage of artwork using frames and a book we picked up from Ikea.

DIY Wall Art_2

The book, SY Love for Textiles, is a collection of stunning photography that demonstrates how you can creatively mix textiles to achieve various looks for your home. Rather than let it live as a coffee table book we instead ripped photos out of it and put them in a variety of white and gold frames.

DIY Wall Art_3

In the end the wall will be decorated with eight photos and at a cost of $15 for the book and $13 for the frame each piece of ‘art’ will run me about $15. Not bad huh?!

DIY Wall Art_4

p.s. how great a reminder is this to see on your way out?

…so go outside and create a little magic to remember.

Yes, yes I will.

  • Margie

    Fantastic idea!
    Finding a book with many different, interesting photos and using frames that compliment them works beautifully. The result is totally professional looking art at a fraction of the cost! Well done!!!!

  • Simple and beautiful, just what I was looking for to compliment my newly renovated room.