July 22, 2014

{diy} pineapple & strawberry summer exfoliating mask

DIY Pineapple and Strawberry Exfoliating Mask

Most days my skin will acknowledge the understanding I forged with her after many years and will comply with the efforts I take to keep her in a zen-like balance, but hot summer weather will turn her into an impossible to deal with b*tch and typically has me yelling at her “just tell me what will make you happy!”

Luckily at my last facial with Julie, owner of Province Apothecary, I was reminded of how effective a simple DIY pineapple, papaya or strawberry mask can be to slough off dead skin cells and keep blemishes, breakouts and bumpy skin in check.

pineapples are a great source of papain, bromelain, vitamin A and alpha hydroxy acid. It helps break down inactive proteins, remove dead skin cells, digests impurities in your skin’s cells and prevents clogged pores, which in turn means a reduction in blemishes.

pineapple & strawberry exfoliating mask

ingredients: pineapple, strawberry, province apothecary regenerating & stimulating exfoliator (optional)

directions: add 1 cube of pineapple and 3-4 small strawberries to a blender and purée it; put it into a small bowl and mix in 1-2 tsp of the exfoliator. For your first mask, leave on for 2 minutes, 2nd mask: 5 mins, 3rd mask 10 mins. Rinse off with a damp cloth and follow with toner and serum.

frequency: once a week in the evening (citrus is known to cause photo-sensitivity so best not tempt fate and do it right before you go out into the blazing sun)

performance: after 3 minutes I seriously felt as if there were little invisible minions scrubbing my skin to a shiny polish. Once I washed it off I knew that’s what it had to have been because my face was so baby bottom smooth. My gawd what a wallet-friendly, easy to make and mind-blowing effective mask; it’s definitely becoming part of my weekly routine.

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  • Laura @ oomphlove.blogspot.ca

    This is awesome! I am always down for anything with pineapple!

    • yaay! It really is a ridiculously simple mask to make -bonus is that you can eat it too while you’re whipping it up 😉