January 12, 2015

{diy} hydrating winter body oil

bohdi body oil by life in blush

We all want to have glowing, soft, hydrated skin all year round, but winter, the fickle season that it is, can be a real buzz kill sometimes.

Most times.


So, over the holidays I was working on a few body oil formulations to combat winter’s drying effect, and came up with one blend that not only keeps my skin under-belly-of-a-goat soft, but also has the most wonderfully grounding scent.

And that’s why I decided to call this particular body oil Bohdi.

Translated to English from Sanskrit, bodhi means “enlightenment”, and in fact the literal sense of the word means “awakened”.

Here’s how my daily enlightenment breaks down …

Bodhi Body Oil

carrier oils

  • sunflower oil – 10 ml
  • avocado oil – 5 ml
  • almond oil – 5 ml
  • grapeseed oil – 5 ml
  • rosehip seed oil – 3 ml
  • hemp seed oil – 1 ml

*always use organic, virgin, cold-pressed oils where possible

essential oils

  • vetiver
  • jasmine
  • sandalwood
  • ylang ylang
  • frankincense

The essential oils are optional so if you don’t have them, but have any or all of the carrier oils, blend up a batch and let me know how it turns out for you!

  • wow! that is A LOT of ingredients. I better start shopping 🙂

  • Well that’s one lovely recipe.
    These essential oils are a fab choice for their warming quallities, vital in winter.

  • Lovely post! I am a fan of DIYs and body oils so I definitely want to try this out.