April 23, 2014

{diy} hair removal wax

diy hair removal wax by life in blush

Manis, pedis, facials and waxing are all part of my preening ritual, but long before I was dragging myself out of bed on a Saturday morning to give my body over to my trusted waxer, Luminita, ancient Egyptians were perfecting the art of hair removal with a sticky emulsion made of oil and honey, similar to what we now call “sugaring”.  A hairless body was the standard of beauty, youth and innocence and was also the mark of proper hygiene -not just for the Egyptians, but for women across the world since the Roman Empire days.  Apparently hair was considered uncivilized for women which is why Greek sculptures depicted women without a speck of hair on them as opposed to the men who did. You know I’ve never noticed that before, go figure.

The other day I was adding up in my head (ok I used a calculator) how much money I spent on waxing in a given year and in between my eyes growing wide with fright and my coffee nearly flying out of my mouth I decided that if ancient woman could whip up a wax to take care of unwanted hairs then I could too.


  • 1 cup raw sugar
  • ¼ cup honey
  • juice of ½ a lemon

step 1 – mix all ingredients together in a bowl

step 2 – pop it into the microwave and in increments of 30 seconds heat it up for 1-2 minutes. Between intervals take the bowl out and stir. This will allow you to gauge how much time is needed based on how thick the mixture is becoming. If, at the end of 2 minutes, the concoction is still really runny you can add a bit more sugar, but I’d strongly advise waiting until the mixture has cooled a bit before going nuts with the sugar. I thought my wax was too runny so I ended up adding another cup of sugar and heating it up for 4 minutes. Well the whole damn thing exploded in the microwave leaving me with a gooey mess. I did however let it cool and tried to use it, but it was SO THICK that my skin was taken aback in horror as to what I was trying to put on it. I went back to my original recipe, had patience and it was perfect the second time around.

step 3 – after heating, allow it to cool for about 20-30 mins or until you can apply it to your skin without inflicting 3rd degree burns

step 4 – apply the wax to your skin and with cotton waxing strips (I bought a package of 20 from shoppers for about $4), or you could rip up old tshirts, sheets etc…, begin the ritual.

step 5 – place any unused amounts in the fridge for up to a week. When you want to use it again heat it up slowly in the microwave or in a pot of hot water until the wax becomes pliable. Clean up is easy – just let the bowl sit with soapy hot water for a bit and then wash it.

I was pretty surprised as to how painless the actual waxing was. I tested it out on my inner thighs so places that are more sensitive, i.e. upper lip, might still experience the same amount of pain, but overall this is a quick and inexpensive way to preen. Plus you’ve got the added bonus of knowing exactly what you’re putting on your skin.

Have you ever tried making your own wax? How did it go? I’m curious to know other people’s experiences!

  • Margie

    Great recipe, but have to say I am SO glad to be past that part of preening!