July 22, 2013

{diy} coconut oil hair mask

coconut oil hair treatment

As Canadians, one of our favourite pastimes is complaining about our weather – either too cold or way too hot. Last week Torontonians b*tched about how the city had turned into a sweat den. Well, with 38C / 100F temperatures at 8:30am can you blame us?

Not only did my skin freak out at being subjected to hot and sticky weather (only to be met with a blast of AC in the office that crystallized the sweat), but my long, frizz-prone hair was in full on revolt.

colin firthI normally head to the kitchen to find goods that pull double duty as beauty saviours and this time was no exception. Extra virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil is pure gold in your cupboard. Rich in vitamin E and K, hair follicles absorb the oil’s nutrients resulting in added body, shine and moisture, making hair stronger and smoother.

coconut oil treatment

what you need:

  • extra-virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil
  • bowl
  • basting brush
  • saran wrap
  • towel or shower cap

getting started:

  • divide your dry hair into 4 sections
  • pour the coconut oil into the bowl*
  • standing over your bathroom sink brush the oil onto your hair, starting at the ends and working up to the roots
  • wrap your hair in saran – traps the heat, allowing the oil to do its job – and then wrap  your hair in the towel or cap and let it sit for a couple of hours

time to rinse:

*THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT* do not let your hair touch the water before you shampoo. Oil and water bind together so you’ll be washing your hair 2-3 times before it rinses out. Lather up first and then put your hair under the water to rinse out.

I’m a creature of habit and it feels weird not to condition after I shampoo, but
it’s not needed here. The oil already did that step for you!

Have you tried this treatment before? Let me know your thoughts if you have!

*amount depends on how much hair you have, but you want to use enough so its fully coated. 

  • Margie

    FUN!! Seeing that clip of Colin Firth made my morning! Sounds like the coconut oil is a great non-chemical hair moisturizer. 🙂