October 17, 2014

cosmetics with a cause


Happy Friday blushers! October is breast cancer awareness month and, like an annual pilgrimage, I’ve been shunning all brands that slap a pink ribbon on to their products.

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(What, oh so just because your ad campaigns say you care we’re supposed to gloss over the fact that your products actually contain cancer causing ingredients??)


I will however give an enthusiastic high five to brands who recognize the very real impact cancer has on a person’s life and are trying to help in any way they can.


Causemetics™, a Canadian campaign that launched this week, is designed to help ease the financial challenge many patients face through the sale of completely non-toxic beauty products.

People talk about breast cancer.  They talk about hope.  They talk about pain and suffering, treatments and medications. They talk about the loss of hair, strength, and spirit. People talk about surgeries and scars. They talk about fear. But they don’t talk about money. People don’t talk about the cost of breast cancer.

Eleven Canadian brands have participated by rebranding one of their staple products, and donating a portion of their sales, and I’m so excited to see my favourites, Province Apothecary, Graydon and Sigrid Naturals, among the list!

I think this is an absolutely fantastic idea and already have my eye on Sigrid Naturals Warrior Woman Skin Healing Salve (love that name!) and Sappho’s Sandra lip gloss. If you too want to support this great cause click here to shop the complete Today Collection. Be sure to let me know what you pick up in the comments below!

Thanks for joining me this week blushers, have a wonderful weekend! xo


  • @EC0diva

    This is so amazing! Thanks for sharing! Things like this help me keep my faith in humanity.

  • I love supporting causes that actually care! I’ve been interested in trying out some more of Province Apothecary and Sappho Cosmetics, now here’s another reason why I should. Plus, there’s now more brands for me to discover.

    • Yes you must! And I’d definitely recommend trying out Sigrid Naturals. I had the chance to chat with the founder and I absolutely love her philosophy and her whole process in creating her blends 🙂