November 11, 2013

coming soon! kjaer weis foundation

Kjaer Weis Compact FoundationWhile I was scrolling through my favourite instagram feeds over the weekend, my thumb did a hard stop when I came to Eco Diva Beauty‘s post about the soon-to-be-released Kjaer Weis ‘cream-to-powder’ foundation. I knew a foundation was in the works, but I didn’t realize it was being released so soon.

Now, I don’t normally wear foundation, but I’m purty excited for its release…

rachel bilson

…here’s why:

  1. if my love for her other products, in terms of quality and longevity, is any indication of how the foundation will perform then I’m already in for a real treat on those days where I need a little help covering a blemish or two;
  2. it’s certified organic, available in 5 shades (to start), and is part of the refill system;
  3. it was developed with sweet almond oil, coconut oil* and jojoba seed oil to hydrate the skin and ward off signs of aging (amen!);
  4. it was created to provide buildable coverage that will even hide signs of rosacea
  5. it’ll be available in time for the holidays! I for one will be creating a ‘kjaer weis’ party look with her existing lip tints, mascara, eye shadows and cream blush.


*if you’re prone to breakouts take note that coconut oil (due to its large molecules) can clog pores.


  • asti

    I am very excited about this too! I wish there’s a cream foundation that doesn’t contain coconut oil though (for us acne-prone skin!). I’m fine using UN Cover Up, but always with a caution.

    Kjaer Weis party on the face sounds good to me.

    • a good foundation is incredibly hard to find without adding the extra concern of coconut oil – too bad since it’s a lovely oil! A lot of people seem to love Vapour or W3LL or Sappho – have you tried those? or do you use anything besides the un-cover up? Speaking of which, Husk is hosting another event this saturday where rose marie swift is going to be debuting her latest product and applying makeup!! I was able to book into the last spot – phew!

      • asti

        I get why coconut oil is used in many though, besides being anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, it’s such a creamy oil and sets nicely when it’s colder.

        Yes, I have tried Vapour Soft Focus!! I like it!! But I just have too many of those days where I get lazy applying foundation so I always go for concealers. Would love to try Sappho especially after Judy (the youtube beauty guru) is saying really nice stuff about it!! She doesn’t even use natural/organic products so that’s saying something. Curious about W3ll People, but I’m not too keen on the idea of foundation/concealer. What do you use??

        Oh my gossssssh you lucky thing you! that’s soon!! I read a recap of when she was at Being Content last year or so, the audience sounded very pleased about it!! I love the way she talks and thinks always straight to the point. Who knows, maybe she might give a sneak-peek of her soon-to-be-released mascara, no? 😉 would love to see her do make-up on you.

        • I typically only use un cover up as I don’t really need nor have found a foundation I love and would use on a daily basis – that and I’m lazy to apply it 😉

          I’m not sure if she’s going to have a sneak peak (hope so!) – as far as I know it’s only to show off her bronzer and a new lip colour – I’ll be sure to keep you posted!