August 7, 2015

chilly office essentials

clothing essentials for a cold office

Most days the air conditioning in my office is jacked so high that I relate more to Jon Snow than anyone ever should.

As I step into air conditioning hell my morning selection of that super cute sundress and sandals immediately become a critical life error. And I spend the rest of the day cursing the fact that office buildings set their temperatures based on a formula for a 40 year old 154 lb man.

So my friends get rid of that blazer you have stashed in your cube (in temperatures that cold they’re equivalent to a side-hug from a person who makes you feel uncomfortable anyway) and instead grab something that’s going to warm you up, like really warm you up

  • Autumn Plaid Super-Soft Throw (Indigo, $49.50) – I feel like this is something Tay Tay would drape over her body as she penned her next hit. In a log cabin. By a fireplace.
  • SoftMoc Cute 2 Grey Moccasin (SoftMoc, $64.99) – these are straight  up foot hugs. I don’t care if it looks like it should be paired with leggings and a sweater that could battle -40C weather. If you’re not working in an office that’s laid back enough not care about your footwear then you’re doing it wrong
  • Wilfred Diderot Sweater (Aritzia, $95) – don’t be Jack Dawson at the end of Titanic. Throw on a real sweater (and not that cute summery pashmina. You know the one I’m talking about. Just don’t.)
  • Roots Women’s Park Socks 2 Pack (Roots, $18.50) – there’s nothing worse than frost-bitten toes. Be a hero to your self and warm them up

Blushers, thanks for joining me this week and I hope you have an awesome weekend! xo

  • I have been eyeing THIS exact post with a bit of a nerve these days. See, summer has been way too intense over here – constantly close to +37°C, more than this girl can handle – and thus, warm clothing looked like a really, really mean joke! 😀 However today the temp is lower, and a stormy, rainy night is coming up (of course on the new moon night tonight facing an intense meteor shower, but well, that’s irony) and I could totally cuddle up in knits 🙂 Hope you’re doing great, love. xo

    • Haha I’ve been fighting bringing a blanket into work SO HARD, but it’s either that or resort to googling how long it takes for hypothermia to set in.

      37C?! O_O ugh that sounds quite sticky, but I have to agree with you that there’s something so appealing about snuggling up in some cozy knits when there’s a wee nip in the air 🙂

      Hope you’re having a great week so far Nath! xoxo