July 3, 2013

blue wonder

kjaer weis blue wonder / lifeinblush.com

Back in May when Marion Cotillard (my beauty goddess) walked the red carpet at Cannes I was immediately transfixed by her dewy skin and that gorgeous shade of navy blue eye shadow! So much so that I jumped on to the interweb to find out what brand it was. To my happy surprise it was ‘blue wonder’ by Kjaer Weis – a relatively new luxe organic make-up line.

Kjaer is a Danish make-up artist turned entrepreneur who wanted to create an organic line that fused beautiful colour, texture and design (check, check, check!). Known for its chic refillable packaging, her brand has been certified organic by the CCPB, the Italian organic certifying authority.

I believe women deserve the feeling of putting the best ingredients on their skin that the body actually celebrates and resonates with, not something it’s trying to fight.

The brand may seem pricey at first (i.e. blue wonder is $44), however it’s an upfront cost for the metal case. After that the refills are only $22 which is a very reasonable price to pay these days for a quality, organic product. High on my wish list from this brand is the bronzer, blue wonder eye shadow and mascara that supposedly smells of roses!

If you’ve never considered wearing navy eye shadow before, or navy eyeliner for that matter, I encourage you to try it out. Just think of it as a softer alternative to black; an instant eye opener perfect for any eye colour!

  • Garcy

    You have great taste my friend!

  • margie

    I’ve heard of this organic brand before., but didn’t know all these details, especially that it’s a refillable container making continued use not quite as expensive . Having certified organic makeup available is a DREAM come true! Having this blog to refer to is a privilege!

  • Alicia

    navy eyeliner – ON THE LIST!