April 11, 2013

between a rock and a pink shoe

Valentino The Rockstud

“Hello lover, I’m home”… ok yes, Carrie Bradshaw did utter these words about a New York penthouse, but I get the same feeling just looking at these shoes. The Valentino Rockstud pump is a perfect combination of girly and edgy (kind of like Jess from New Girl meets Gemma from Sons of Anarchy) that I get giddy thinking about all the outfits I could pair it with. But at a hefty price tag of almost $900 I’ll have to dream for now.

  • Megan

    They’re so pretty!! You’d have to wear them A LOT to make them worth the price.

    • I would need to wear them while I cleaned the house just to drive down my cost-per-wear!

  • Giana

    I love when people play the edge between feminine and hard!

  • Margaret Ann

    FUN!!! May as well dream big!!