September 30, 2014

best beauty buys under $50

life in blush picks for best green beauty buys under $50

We women can be such suckers for beauty products, non? Lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner, self-tanners, anti-aging creams, if it’s going to keep us looking as damn fine as Helen Mirren (the woman is 69 and hot!) as we age then by gawd we want it.

The average woman apparently spends about $160,000 on cosmetics between the ages of 16 and 65 and maintains a cosmetic collection of about 54 items, worth approximately $825*.

new girlSo if I do the math we’re shelling out approximately $260 per month for a little gloss and sparkle. If we’re going to spend our hard earned cash then let’s ensure we’re getting the most bang for our buck.

Here are my top picks for green beauty products under $50.

  1. Cleanser: Province Apothecary ($16 for 30ml)
  2. Exfoliator: SW Basics ($31 for  118ml)
  3. Moisturizer: CAMP Skincare ($38 for 15ml)
  4. Nail Polish: Treat Collection ($19)
  5. Spot treatment: Living Libations ($30 for 5ml)
  6. Concealer: Kari Gran ($8 for 1.4g)
  7. Foundation: Kari Gran ($25 for 8.5g)
  8. Lipstick: Ilia Beauty ($29)
  9. Mascara: Kjaer Weis ($43; refill $29)
  10. Eye shadow: Kjaer Weis ($49; refill $28)

*Source: Golden Girl Finance

  • @EC0diva

    What a fun post idea! Thanks for the info! Now I have more items to add to my wishlist…

    • Thanks love, anytime! And there’s so much on my wishlist that if it were written down on an actual piece of paper it would stretch around my neighbourhood block 😉

      • @EC0diva

        Haha, ditto!

  • I’ve been interested in trying Kari Gran and can’t wait to see your reviews! I also did a similar post called “15 Products Under $15 Still Worth Buying”: One of the complaints about my going clean from my friends and family is, “Isn’t it expensive?”. Yes some products are pricier than they are used to be but that’s because they contain quality ingredients that will keep you healthy now and in the long run. There are plenty of affordable options for those who are more frugal or on a budget. And DIYs are an easy way to start off as well.