April 17, 2013

audrey’s style


audrey hepburn

Dressing up has been a favourite pastime of mine since I was probably two years old and over the years I’ve realized that my muse for all seasons has really been Audrey Hepburn. What I liked most was her ‘simplicity’ of fashion and the notion that tailored pieces with shape will always be timeless no matter if it’s a hat, pair of sunglasses, shoes or a dress.

Audrey’s legacy as a style icon forever changed the fashion world and our perception of female beauty, but her style is about more than just wardrobe, it’s about having the right attitude towards your body and your life. Audrey’s five simple tips prove just how easy it is to be fashionable:

• A black turtleneck looks great on anyone
• Smile. It’s your best accessory
• Confidence is one little black dress and killer pair of pumps (or ballerina flats!) away
• Wear lipstick and enjoy the moment
• Elegance, grace and manners are always in fashion

  • Margaret Ann

    Simple elegance is forever linked with Audrey. She influenced women’s fashion choices in a positive way from the 1950’s to this very day and beyond. I can’t think of anyone else who has left such a legacy.