May 14, 2013

a royal pitter patter

Pitter Patter by Butter London in Celebration of William & Kate's Baby!Last week Butter London announced the release of pitter patter, a limited edition shade to mark the impending arrival of Will and Kate’s royal baby! The colour, a gorgeous aubergine shimmer, was said to have been chosen because of its historical association with royalty, power and wealth – stemming from the cost and rarity of the dye originally used to produce it.

pitter patter joins no more waity katie (an opaque lilac glitter) as the second shade produced in honour of Will and Kate – the first was in celebration of their wedding and currently available at Holt Renfew.  I can’t wait to put pitter patter beside no more waity katie on my nail polish shelf, but it looks like I’m may have to. After checking with Holt Renfrew they don’t have a set date as to when they will receive their shipment, but as soon as it becomes available I’ll be sure to let all of you know. For those who simply must have it now you can order it online at Butter London.

  • Margie

    So interesting to read about the historical connection between the color purple and royalty..