June 19, 2013

a few good serums

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Yesterday I went on about my newly discovered love for facial oils so today I thought I would touch upon a related product – the serum. The older I get the more conscious I become about the state of my skin and I have to say I am very in-tune with it’s needs. Seeing as how I have dry skin, and that I’m a take charge kind of person when it comes to my appearance, I immersed myself in finding out what would help me on my quest to slow down aging (yes I’m one of those girls who’s going to fight it tooth and nail).

meryl streep_death becomes her

Ok maybe not that hard…eating, exercising and taking care of my skin should do it.

So what is a serum? It contains concentrated active ingredients like vitamins and anti-oxidants that are formulated with smaller molecules so they can penetrate all three layers of the skin to deliver nutrients – a moisturizer can only reach the first layer. The ability to reach that deep into the skin is what allows a serum to help correct various skin conditions, such as redness, dehydration, lack of firmness, dark spots.

But do you need it? Honestly, it’s all about personal preference and what your skin reacts best to. For me, I’ve been using a facial oil in the morning and a serum + moisturizer in the evening and have definitely seen an improvement over having used a moisturizer only for many years. There are so many quality ingredients packed into both serums and facial oils that my best recommendation is to sample a few of each, see what you and your skin like and stick to it. Serums, because they’re so concentrated, are pricey, but a little goes a long way so keep that in mind.

If you’re in the market to sample a new serum you can’t go wrong with any of these little beauties.

  • la bella figura barbary fig renewal serum ($125) – barbary fig oil, rare and highly coveted, builds collagen and promotes soft skin
  • soapwalla restorative serum ($48) – seabuckthorn, nature’s most balanced fruit, contains more than 60 antioxidants and up to 100x more vitamin C than any other fruit or vegetable
  • graydon clinical luxury by nature the serum ($45) – raspberry seed oil is a natural SPF and an excellent blemish buster
  • elizabeth dehn for one love organics vitamin C serum ($68) – vitamin c helps the skin age with health and grace
  • john masters organics vitamin c anti-aging face serum ($30) – vitamin c also reduces inflammation and sun spots, boosts collagen and fights free radicals (like UVA and UVB rays)


  • Margie

    These posts on skin care, and what’s for what, really are the best!! Very helpful 🙂