June 4, 2013

a busy girl’s must haves


multi-pupose natural beauty products

I’m a huge nerd when it comes to testing organic beauty products and an even bigger nerd when I discover products I can use in multiple ways (my budget and over-flowing make-up bag love me for it!).

For the budget conscious and busy girl on the go here are a few favourites:

  1. rms beauty raw coconut cream – what can’t this beauty do? There are over 80 uses, including an eczema healer. The ladies over at La Bella Figura have a fantastic recipe for this! ($21)
  2. rahua conditioner – hydrate your tresses and control frizz with this conditioner + styling cream ($38)
  3. revolution organics 22+ all over balm – this certified organic moisturizing balm, rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, has at least 22 uses. One that’s even after my own heart – ‘tames unruly eyebrows’ ($22)
  4. ILIA Beauty multi-stick – apply to cheeks and lips for a sheer blush of colour. ($34)
  5. RGB – free of carcinogens, use this top coat to stop gold/silver plated rings from turning your fingers green. Just paint the inside rim and voila! ($16)
  6. rms beauty un cover up – it’s sold as a concealer, but there’s nothing stopping you from using it as a cream foundation as well! It blends into the skin seamlessly and is super hydrating thanks to its coconut oil base ($42)
  • margie

    So nice to have these products numbered with an explanation of each listed below. A lot to learn about what’s out there and what, among that group, is not harmful for us to use.