May 8, 2013

a brow affair

Angelina Jolie

Having someone shape your brows is a very delicate and stressful matter. How do you know who to trust? When you get a bad haircut you can find creative ways to hide it, but there’s nothing but time that can fix the outcome of an overzealous waxer.

It’s for that reason alone I haven’t paid the attention my brows were due.  But I remembered my friend telling me how much she loved The Brow House so last week when I saw they opened up a location in Yorkville I nervously made an appointment. The initial consultation and shaping was $35 and even after I explained what I wanted I spent the whole time worrying I would come out with razor thin brows. Not only did Olga understand what I was after, but the results exceeded my expectations. She sculpted the exact brow arch I envisioned and did so in a way that would train the brows to grow into that shape, but fuller.

If your brows need some spring time maintenance I would highly recommend this place.

  • Jimena

    A former employee from the original Brow House opened up her own Brow Salon, its called: Eye Love – Brow & Beauty Bar located on Queen West! I LOVE it and highly recommend this place too in case it is in a more convenient than any of the Brow House locations!

    • good to know! thanks for the tip 🙂

  • Margie

    Specializing in eyebrows….. good to know there’s such a place!