March 4, 2016

how to cure winter chapped lips

life in blush steps to curing winter chapped lipsDry, chapped lips quite simply can be one of the most annoying things about winter.

It’s no joke!

Between the lack of sun and humidity, the cranked heat in the office and my general sloth-like ways that see me hibernating indoors with Netflix I start to feel a little run down by March.

And my lips are the first tell-tale sign of when I’m de-hydrated, overtired and not taking proper care of myself.

They flake, itch, crack and burn and it takes more than just a swipe of lip balm to get them feeling smooth and plump again.

There’s actually a few steps to how I get ‘er done. Take a read and then join me on Twitter or Instagram with #savethelips and tell me your favourite way to keep your pucker smooth!

7 steps to cure winter chapped lips:

#1Momo Heart by brk ($42) – it’s true. drinking water hydrates the inside of your body so when the cold air zaps moisture from  your skin and lips you need to drink more water. Lots more. So take it with you on the go!

#2. Mascara wands – you can’t expect to get smooth lips without first having to exfoliate off dead skin. Save cash, and time, by grabbing a few tester wands the next time your by a Sephora. Simply rub it back and forth on your dry lips for just the right amount of sloughing

#3Balmy Nights lip exfoliator by ILIA Beauty ($34) – to manage any flaking on the go opt for this lip stick exfoliator (volcanic stone powder buffs away dead skin – so cool right?)

#4Repairing + Conditioning lip balm by Province Apothecary $8 – once all the dead skin is gone use a quality lip balm like this one from Province Apothecary which has  beeswax to lock in moisture, calendula to hydrate, lavender to soothe and repair and energizing peppermint which brings blood to the surface to feed your skin cells

#5Restorative Skin Balm by CV Skinlabs ($40) – if my lips are red or itchy, and aren’t in need of exfoliation, I’ll opt for the CV Skinlabs salve which contains tumeric, a powerful anti-inflammatory, to instantly calm it down

#6. Rosehip Seed Oil by Now Solutions ($14.99) – to further protect and treat the delicate skin around my lips I’ll massage in a superstar oil, like rosehip. Rosehip is extremely high in essential fatty acids (over 70% is fatty acid) as well as Vitamin C, A (retinol) and linoleic and linolenic acids – which work to regenerate and hydrate the skin

#7. Shell Shock lip conditioner by ILIA Beauty ($34) – for a boost of extra hydration throughout the day I’ve become pretty attached to ILIA’s line of lip conditioners. Shell Shock, a warm coral based pink, is also perfect for spring!

Last tip!

Licking lips …

comic con michael b jordan nycc licking lips

Don’t. Just don’t.

Licking your lips actually makes them drier than they were before because saliva evaporates quite quickly which causes rapid dry out.

Thanks for joining me this week blushers, have an awesome weekend!