January 28, 2015

6 products to help you deal with dry winter skin

green beauty saviours for dry winter skin

There’s nothing I hate more in the winter than sandpaper dry skin.

It ain’t sexy for me, or anyone else, to touch.

ryan gosling_crazy stupid love_3Winter weather and dry skin are a vicious cycle. When temperatures plunge so does the humidity level and dry air (from your office, home etc..) rudely strips away the thin layer of oil that traps moisture in your skin.

So, every winter I fight the battle for “hydrated skin” and this winter I’ve found six skin treats that’ll help ensure I’ll come out the victor:

A quality face serum chalk full of hydrating oils; a face and skin balm that creates a sealant on your skin to trap moisture and soothe; a skin exfoliant that improves moisture, elasticity and suppleness; a brand of organic juices to feng shui your internal health (which causes a ripple effect over to the external appearance of your skin); and a potent Vitamin D cream.

Vitamin D is responsible for over 2000 functions to work optimally in the body and is also fundamental for the health, beauty and cellular harmony of your largest organ, the skin.
                                                – Nadine, Living Libations

  1. Odacité Moringa Petitgrain Facial Serum ($44 for 5ml / one month treatment)
  2. Province Apothecary Protecting + Restoring Face Balm ($26 for 10ml)
  3. CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm ($31; click here for my review)
  4. Living Libations Sun*Dew Transdermal Vitamin D Cream (Sale! $51 for 50ml)
  5. Living Libations Green Papaya & Lime AHA Mask (Sale! $34 for 30ml)
  6. Greenhouse Juice Deep Roots ($8 for 250ml)


  • This post definitely is needed for me! I’m especially interested in trying out Province Apothecary, CV Skinlabs, and Living Libations.

  • Yup! Loving the CV Skinlabs. Thanks for the recommendation! Now I’m hooked.

    • Yaaaay!! I’m so happy you’re loving it too! xoxo