March 26, 2014

2014 spring beauty trends

2014 spring beauty trends

Technically the fashion and beauty world have been talking about Spring 2014 trends since December, but I’m one of those girls that literally can’t embrace seasonal trends until the season is actually upon us. Ok, “upon us” might be a generous term considering it is -21C today, but I feel now is a much better time to chat about spring beauty trends then back when I was prepping for a NYE party.

So, what’s going to keep you on trend this season?

skin: the trend on the runway was clear – healthy, fresh and nearly bare (or slightly sunkissed or rosy). Keep your skin in top shape with truly effective non-toxic brands like Province Apothecary, Living Libations and May Lindstrom

cheeks: cheeks were the beauty focus for spring; cheeks that were contoured, highlighted, bronzed and glowing. The rms beauty living luminizer and Kjaer Weis cream blush in ‘desired glow‘ will be your best friends to achieve this look

brows: well-groomed, slightly darker and healthy! I use Kjaer Weis eyeshadow in ‘earthy calm‘ and an angled brush to fill in and darken my brows

nails: go nude! last year during Toronto Fashion Week nude polished nails were paired with tinkerbell-like sparkle and chrome tips for extra pizzazz

lips: keeping with the overall “fresh and natural” spring trend style your lips nude and balmed, nude with a bronzy sheen to it or opt for a bit of colour and go for a delicate pink or coral

hair: deep side part, ‘just exited the shower’, braids and soft waves (either beachy or full head of curls) are a few styles that will keep you looking trendy this season

colour: nude, bronze and rose tints definitely dominated the spring runway, but there were some high-intensity colour pairings that I equate to the fashion world adding a ‘piece of flare’ to the scene: vibrant turquoise and jet black; acid yellow and 80’s fuschia

And that’s it! Now, lets gloss up and get ready for Spring…whenever it chooses to arrive.

olsen twins

  • a great write-up. I didn’t catch up on trends at all, so it was refreshing to see not much has changed since I last checked and I’m still pretty much au courant, hehe.

    and did you know I have kept a look/trend diary since whopping winter 1998/99? way back when stila and face just had started, and emmanuelle beart was dior testimonial… yup. it all deteriorated after a few years though. at the point when the trends started to visibly recur, I dropped it 😉

    • lifeinblush

      thanks luv! once you start tracking the trends and begin to see a pattern not much excitement is left. There may be a few tweaks here and there, but as you know the main themes for each season are pretty much the same. That’s why I like to pick a look that works for me and just rock the hell out of it all year long 😀

      • that’s wise and that’s why you liked my summer signature look tag (or so I think). I think I will do a christmas/holiday signature look next. no time for autumn – October will be all about greening up Halloween :’D

  • Margie

    Trends for spring? We may need to bypass that and jump right into summer!!

    • lifeinblush

      haha my thoughts exactly. I don’t even want to go through a ‘spring’ season anymore. I’m just ready for hot days! 🙂