December 30, 2014

2014 favourites: skincare

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Testing out new skincare products might just be one of my favourite things to do.

From exquisite carrier oils like sacha inchi and tamanu and skin rejuvenating essential oils like schizandra berry, neroli, rose and sandalwood, I have so much fun figuring out what my skin likes best.

From everything I tried in 2014 here’s what I liked the best (based purely on performance). If you spot any of your favourite’s on my list give a shout out in the comments below!

2014 favourites: skincare

facial mists

1. kahina giving beauty toning mist ($55 for 50 ml)
2. r.l. linden thousand petal beautifying mist ($48 for 100 ml)
3. province apothecary  invigorating + balancing toner ($14 for 30ml)

blemish fighters

4. osmia organics spot treatment ($22 for .16 oz)
5. province apothecary clear skin ($30 for 5 ml)


6. may lindstrom the clean dirt ($72 for 200 ml; my review)
7. province apothecary  regenerating + stimulating exfoliator ($38 for 120 ml)

facial masks

8. josh rosebrook cacao antioxidant mask ($60 for 45 ml; also available at Husk)
9. wild honey apothecary pumpkin cocoa face mask ($22 for 2 oz; my review)
10. may lindstrom the problem solver ($108 for 250 ml)

oil cleansers

11. kari gran cleansing oil ($30 for 100 ml)
12. camp desert wonder balm ($35 for 2 oz; my review)
13. province apothecary moisturizing cleanser + makeup remover ($42 for 120 ml)

face oils

14. uma brightening face oil ($150 for 30ml)
15. odacite a spring in tokyo ($159 for 0.5 oz; my review)
16. camp dreamcatcher youth serum ($38 for 15 ml; my review)
17. province apothecary custom serum ($60 for 15ml)

eye care

18. josh rosebrook oculus formula ($70; also available at Husk)

  • Rebecca

    Wow you’ve got some luxe products there, I want them all 🙂 I recently DIYed may lindstrom’s problem solver mask (Many of the ingredients from mountain rose herbs) and I think it turned out so similar to the real thing, I’d definteky recommend it! Plus the process is just fun! I’m also curious – which of these discoveries do you think has made the most dramatic impact on your skin this past year?

    • Ah no way! I’ve been eyeing the ingredients in May’s problem solver thinking about how I can DIY too. Happy to hear you’ve had success!

      As for life changing products, tough question!! But I’d have to say May’s Clean Dirt as well as Province Apothecary’s oil cleanser and custom made serum. That being said, If I couldn’t for some reason have PA’s custom serum then the two serums that caused the most noticeable change on my skin would be Odacite’s A Spring in Tokyo and Uma’s Brightening Face Oil.

      Thanks for saying hello Rebecca, have a great weekend!! xx

  • Gorgeous picks! You sold me on Province Apothecary, this will be my brand to try for 2015. Happy and healthy new year, beautiful! xx

  • These all sound lovely, but your recommendations always do. I especially am eyeing Province Apothecary, R.L. Linden, and all your serum choices. Happy New Year!

  • elegantlyeco

    Osmia’s spot treatment isn’t available at Husk anymore. I went there in early December hoping to get some for a gift and they no longer carry Osmia.

    • Ah thanks for letting me know! I’ll make the correction.